YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 038: Janko Nilovic Obsession Mix by Dipiz

YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 038: Janko Nilovic Obsession Mix by Dipiz

This is for Library Music lovers – very special Janko Nilovic mix by our favourite digger Dipiz from France – much love to Janko for the special shoutout ✧

Get to know: Janko Nilovic on Discogs

Janko Nilovic Obsession Mix by Dipiz -Artwork

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01 – My Latin Thing – Supra Hip Hop Impressions
02 – Roses And Revolvers- Supra Pop Impressions
03 – In The Space – Psyc’ Impressions
04 – Scratching Machine – Pop’ Impressions
05 – Funky Tramway – Funky Tramway
06 – Power – Power
07 – Tapatapa – Supra Pop Impressions
08 – Soul Impressions – Soul Impressions
09 – Aerospatial – Un Couple Dans La Ville
10 – Diamant Dans L’espace – Un Couple Dans La Ville
11 – Hip Hop Lullaby – Supra Hip Hop Impressions
12 – Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession – Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession
13 – Underground Session – Rythmes Contemporains
14 – Cross Rolls – Pop Shoppin’
15 – Cascades Et Canoes – Water Show
16 – Xenos Cosmos – Rythmes Contemporains
17 – Under The Moonlight – Supra Hip Hop Impressions

Mixed by Dipiz

Dipiz is a crate digger, DJ, Beatmaker and record collector from France, member of Broc and auld Alliance, CEO Of Broc Recordz. Auld alliance is the latest in a long line of collabo’s instigated by Dipiz, who spends time crate-digging around Europe. Some previous collabo’s BROC have been involved with include Wildchild (Lootpack), Miriam Makeba, Black 10 and a host of other premier MC’s from Europe.


This mix was premiered at NessRadio.com on 10th Jan 2017.