YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 024: No sleep ’til LDN

YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 024: No sleep ’til LDN

Mixed in Tokyo, the sleepless night before catching the flight back to LDN.
This mix was premiered at nessradio.com on 3rd July 2015.

Yofukashi Radio podcast mix episode 24 artwork cover

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01. Computer Game “Theme From The Invader” – Yellow Magic Orchestra
02. Dontcha – By The Internet (Herrick & Hooley Cover)
03. Coma ft. Contact Play (Pete Cannon Remix) – Edward Scissortongue
04. Us Placers – CRS (Child Rebel Soldier)
05. Fools Gold – The Stone Roses
06. Who Is He And What Is He To You (Chezz Edit) – Bill Withers
07. West Coast Wishin – The Gaff Edits
08. Get Dis Money – Slum Village
09. Midnite Affair – Amin Payne
10. U Can Call – 2Pac
11. FANCLUB – Mélat
12. That Way (SHE) – RaSoul ft. ELMNT
13. Players – Slum Village
14. Peace – Amin Payne
15. All In Blind – Stig Of The Dump
16. Bow (ft. Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun) – SONNYJIM
17. Old No. 7 (Mr Thing’s Mellow Puff A L Remix) – Jehst
18. Gangsta Lean – Clipse
19. Ain’t That Easy – D’Angelo and The Vanguard
20. Knock Knock (DJ Spinna Beyond Real Remix) – Ty
21. Circles Around Circles (feat. L’Orange & Gift of Gab) – Mello Music Group
22. Native Son ft. Raekwon & Orlando Napier – Gramatik
23. Odd Toddler (ft. Casey Veggies) – OFWGKTA
24. 2nd Childhood – NaS
25. Our Hearts – K-Nite 13
26. Out of Time – Blur

‘ The void you couldn’t avoid
Temptation you obeyed
The hunger you almost lost
Show is tell
How I can tell
i influence all around me

Screaming your name in the air
Just to be white noise in sphere
Mother can you hear us
Not to forget
The feelings, you
Memento Mori
Can you still feel me closer

My dear connected, still on blue period
Staring at the pale horse
Trying to paint it all black
Only to blind yourself back to black
Still, grasping
that feeling, the only real
Can you still feel that way

No need to hear you back, just
Show is prove ‘