YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 012: Night At The Music Library

YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 012: Night At The Music Library

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This Music Library mix was premiered at nessradio.com on 4th July 2014

Music library had is great years in the 60’s and the 70’s with label such as kpm for UK or Montparnasse 2000 for France; it was made for illustrate TV ,radio and movies and many great composers work on that kind of music (mainly instrumental so it can be use with anything) like Janko Nilovic, Alan Hawkshaw, Manu Dibango and many more. Musical library are really hard to find records, holy grail for the crate diggers.
In this mix there’s some Broc’s original sample.

YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 012: Night At The Music Library by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud


2. long playing time – m.camison – telemusic
3. pop’ impression – janko nilovic – mp 2000
4. no exit – john g.tyssen & daniele prencipe -theme music record
5. last ocean – the mercator – bagatelle
6. picadelly near from soho -frank duval – mp2000
7. stratosound -janko nilovic – mp2000
8. inca’s wood – cecil wary – mp2000
9. diamant dans l’espace – janko nilovic – mp2000
10. narcose theme – jannick top – iml
11. luma’s blues – d’agostini -briand
12. la gigue bleue- jacky giordano – timing
13. passage – g.dias – patchwork
14. west coast drive – p-a dahan & m camison- telemusic
15. cascades et canoe – janko nilovic -mp 2000
16. ok mr tchaikovsky – cliff cardwin – patchwork
17. african battle – manu dibango – ami
18. sometime ago – janko nilovic – mp 2000

Mixed by:
Dipiz is a crate digger, Dj , beatmaker and record collector from france member of Broc and auld Alliance , Ceo Of Broc recordz. Auld alliance is the latest in a long line of collabo’s instigated by Dipiz, who spends what spare time he has crate-digging around Europe. Some previous collabo’s BROC have been involved with include Wildchild (Lootpack), Miriam Makeba, Black 10 and a host of other premier MC’s from Europe.

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