Yofukashi Radio EPS 003: May Give Out, But Never Give In

EPS 003: May Give Out, But Neve Give In

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YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 003: May Give Out, But Never Give In by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud

This episode was premiered on 08/11/2013 for our bi-monthly 4649 WorldWide radio show on nessradio – another full hour of jazzy funky supremo from our own digger DJ Vikyng. Make sure you rock with us til the end of the mix, as the last song is something very special to us… 🙂

1. James Reese & The Progressions – Let’s Go (It’s Summertime)
2. Carleen & The Groovers – Hot Pants
3. Billy Ball & The Upsetters feat. Roosevelt Matthews – Tighten Up Tighter
4. Skull Snaps – Didn’t I Do It To You
5. Pastor TL Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir – Nobody Knows
6. Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band – Neveen
7. Dr John – Glowin’
8. Caravan – Love Song With Flute
9. Karriem Riggins – Tom Toms
10. Clyde Alexander & Sanction – Got To Get Your Love
11. Gary Davis – Super Jake
12. Interlude
13. Syd Barrett – Gigolo Aunt
14. Spirit – Ice
15. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – Beautiful Woman
16. Isaac Hayes – Type Thang
17. LA Carnival – Color
18. Caetano Veloso – Julia / Moreno
19. Breakestra – How Do You Really Feel
20. Lou Bond – To The Establishment

The Vikyng is a musician and record collector who DJs and makes mixes in his spare time. He has been living and breathing music most of his life and also plays in a newly-formed band called Eye Shaking Kings. His main influences are Frank Zappa, Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone and Captain Beefheart.

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