WorldWide HipHop: #WorldWide Mix by Mr. Jumpoff

This is special spinoff mix from France, mashing together countries like UK, Greece, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Germany and so on… #WorldWide baby x

This mix was premiered at on 15th August 2014

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WorldWide Mix by Mr Jumpoff

WorldWide Mix by Mr Jumpoff

WorldWide HipHop: #WorldWide Mix by Mr. Jumpoff by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud


1) DJ Koss Feat. Craig G – What’s up kid [Belgium]

2) D Flame Feat. Guru – Universal ( DJ Desue remix) [Germany]

3) Fliptrix – Let the world unite [England]

4) Dandyguel Feat. Nirmou and Di-Meh [France/Swiss]

5) Dinamo – Mi traduccion [Spain]

6) Nujabes Feat. Cise Starr and Akin from Cyne – Feather [Japan/Usa]

7) zegevier Feat. Mooderman and Riskderat – Echte Mc’s [Netherlands]

8) Kid Tsunami feat. Masta Ace – Twothousand40 [Australia/Usa]

9) Prowla – Reflection [Australia]

10) Wrongface – Silver [Greece]

11) Frankenstein – Strangers to the eye [Canada]

12) Emicida Dedo na ferida [Brasil]

13) Mistah Bohze – Ornaments [Scotland]

14) Zeebra – Untouchable [Japan]

15) Kruscifix Feat. Lord Lhus – Mortal Kombat [Slovakia/Usa]

16) Panikszoba – Nem iszunk eleget [Hungary]

17) Genocide – Made in Bosnia [New Zealand]

Mr Jumpoff is a member of Hip Hop group Auld Alliance from France.
He participates on miscellaneous Hip Hop project of friends, beatmakers and mc’s: Dirtydef, Diem Delam, Lyrical Kay, Dj Thi and more..

‘Hip Hop is a worldwide’s culture and state of mind and this mix is a small tribute for all Bboys and Bgirls all around the world!’