WorldWide HipHop: SCO Mix by NC Epik

I know all you UK gangs will love this – as we’re back with another #UKHH mix – tis time from Scotland, mixed by NC Epik of Southside Deluxe!

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01 – II Tone Committee ft Course of Procedure – Caution on Foot (1993).
Amongst the pioneers of Scotiish hip-hop, this track captures the early raw skills of Defy, Bohze, Krash Slaughta and features Deluge (Chuck, Course of Procedure)

02 – NT – Distances by Air (mid-90’s)
Original II Tone member Sace left to work with the legendary DJ Easi and formed NT alongside Andy Docherty. If this album had come out there’s no doubt they’d be referenced alongside the likes of Massive Attack in the same sentence. Sony had ’em signed, the LP never came out. Damn shame

03 – Course of Procedure – Ben Grim (early noughties)
One of my favourite tracks of all time – such a hard beat and a perfect vehicle for the fierce skills of Chuck, Dougie Dan Dors and DJ IQ.

04 – 2 root 2 – Daigoro (1999)
The man gave me my first label home – beautiful timeless music composed entirely on Acid (the app, not LSD) and every beat placed manually.

05 – Hudson Mohawke – Trade Off
Needs no introduction – love this track from Jay Large’s Temple of Breaks compilation from 2007

06 – Scata Brainz – Munatayo
Most humble yet prolific and potentially most talented producer Scotland may yet have produced. This guys is world class and needs a bigger stage.

07 – BROC ft Noize Creator Epik – Auld Alliance
We hooked up with Dipiz and Okazz a few years back – this track spawned what is known as Auld Alliance today. Cuts by DJ Jumpoff.

08 – Marrik Layden Deft with Scatabrainz – I Show my Teeth
Another Brainz produced track – MLD is one of the Being MC’s and has an excellent flow that needs to be heard,

09 – mISTAh bOhzE & Bunty Beats – Let It Hit Em
Bunty Beats is a world class scratch DJ, dope beat producer and potentially the hardest working man on the local Glasgow scene, regularly putting on local acts to support the likes of Big Daddy Kane, Edan, Mr Lif, Lords of the Underground, and Ultramagnetic MC’s in the past 12 months alone.

10 – Catchclick MC’s (ft.Reachout & Adam Holmes)- Athens of the North
Nice track from the East coast. First saw Mr McKenzie battling a few years back at Don’t Flop. Also features one of the Perfect Practice boys, and Reachout, who’s was heavily involved in the seminal years of Edinburgh hip-hop.

11 – Physiks – A Pinch of Salt (DUB)
Normally works with Konchis aka Jetsam (Son of Defy from II Tone Committee) – such a tight MC over this here beat – this guys is a heavyweight

12 – Scatabrainz ft. Bluhnt – Shooter Man
Again another Scatabrainz track. This MC’s skills speak for themself and one of the infamous Being MC’s.  Off the hook skills, now playing with a band called Tijuana Bibles.

13 – Kayce One & Toni Smoke – Victory
Another great Glasgow MC, this time over a lovely Toni Smoke beat.

14 – Louie Bhoy – Glasgow remix (ft Gasp, Physiks, Kayce One and Mistah Bohze)
Louie is one of the best MC’s to come out of Glasgow, and is going from strength to strength with his band Hector Bizerk.

15 – Loki & Soundthief – Omnilash
One of the most prolific, thought provoking MC’s I’ve ever heard. Taken from his fist release on Southside Deluxe – I can’t get enough of this track. So ominous and purposeful, this is hardcore hip-hop.

16 – Depths & Scatabrainz – Early Morning
No apologies – another Brainz produced track – this time featuring Depths – a quality MC with his own unique flow – love it.

17 – Gasp & Konchis – Gassed
Such a talented MC and the latest addition to the Southside Deluxe roster.

18 – Mistah Bohze – Soul U Gotz?
Nobody has flipped this break like this before. Coupled with one of the best MC’s I’ve heard, I couldn’t think of a more storming way to wrap up the mix.

Mixed by:
Noize Creator Epik is MC, Producer, DJ, label co-owner (Southside Deluxe) and he:

• Began wrting rhymes back in 89/90, recording demo’s in the bedroom on
pause-tape beats augmented and scratches off an old Dansette record player.
• Began DJ’ing proper 91 alongside DJ Smok.
• Started a live hip-hop/Funk band called UGE back in 94/95
• Thoughts of Mortalz with Eastborn, DJ WST and Zef 96/99
• Been working with Mistah Bohze proper since 2003, first in the Sentinalez
alongside Chuck (Course of Procedure) and more recently doing shows up and down
the UK.
• Began southside deluxe in 2011 with Mistah Bohze and Chris Patch.

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