WorldWide HipHop: Polish Mix by Invent

One of the country we really wanted to explore here… proud to present Polish HipHop mix by DJ Invent in Warsaw.

This mix was premiered at Ness Radio on 17th July 2015

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WorldWide HipHop: Polish Mix by Invent by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud

1. Invent – Intro Beat
2. LJ Karwel – Nienawidze Ludzi (Invent Remix)
3. PEzet & Jimek – Nie musze wracac
4. Malpa – Nie bylem nigdy
5. W.E.N.A. – Triumf
6. TenTypMes – Otwarcie
7. Hades & Emade – Sumo Rap
8. PRO8L3M – Krzyk
9. O.S.T.R. – Spij Spokojnie
10. Gramatik – Friko
11. VNM, Kuba Knap, W.E.N.A., Kuban – Tour of The Year
12. K.A.S.T.A. Sklad – Peryferie
13. Fenomen – Sensacja
14. Eis – Najlepsze Dni
15. Smarki Smark – Najki
16. Chlopaki z Ferajny – Diamenty
17. Rasmentalism feat. Quebonafide – Wyjdziesz Na Dwor?
18. W.E.N.A. & VNM – Cytryny
19. Male Miasta feat. TenTypMes – Architortura


Mixed by: Invent (U Know Me Records /Wasabi)

Originally a turntablist and hip hop DJ, in 2004 he emerged, a 15 year old kid, scratching and battling with the best of them. The groove revolved as the kid evolved, improving all the time.
After a few years of rocking the crowd and showing his skills, Invent has turned more towards club music and music production. Of course he didn’t forget his hip hop and scratch background, with his scratch skills frequently showcased in his live shows. He has made a bunch of remixes, mixtapes, and original tracks. He has also played hundreds of gigs, including radio shows and festivals in Poland, UK, Denmark, Ibiza and France. After taking a part in Burn Studios bootcamp at Ibiza in 2011, he has released an EP for ”The Very Polish Cutouts” label and his biggest music project to date – vinyl EP with guest appearance by KRS-One, The Kid Daytona, Lunice from TNGHT and Azari&III for UKnowMeRecords.


Facebook @LizzyPopInvent
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Instagram @invent_lizzypop