WorldWide HipHop: Korean mix by DJ MojA

Here we have more Asian HipHop for your ears: all-Korean HipHop mix by DJ MojA.

Premiered at Ness Radio on 25th Sep 2015

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AWorldWide HipHop Korean mix by DJ MojA

WorldWide HipHop: Korean mix by DJ MojA by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud


01. Microdot/오마주 (Homage) Prod By Sanchez
02. Pe2ny/Trust Me Feat. Rhyme-A
03. Dok2/Still On My Way Feat. Zion.T
04. Epik High/Map the Soul
05. The Nuclearisms/Art of Rap Feat. Debi, DJ Wreckx
06. Code Kunst/What I Feel Feat. Donutman, Owen Ovadoz
07. G2/hangjin
08. Double Trouble/Keep It Up With DJ Tiz
09. nafla/Locked And Loaded Feat. Owen Ovadoz
10. ODB/Book of Rhymes Feat. DJ Tiz
11. PEEJAY/I Get Lifted X Beenzino
12. Untouchable /PAPER TRAP Feat. G2 & DJ WEGUN
13. Simba Zawadi/심장을건너
14. Mild beats/Deal With Us (Bigdeal Anthem 2007)
15. Basick/B.A.S.I.C.K
16. MC Sniper/Skill N Message Feat.Yesoul
17. TBNY/투루먼쇼 Feat. Sean2Slow & DJ Bamboo
18. 4WD/친구 Feat. P-Type, MC Meta
19. Joosuc/최후의 만찬 Remix Feat. VEN, Ugly Duck, Deepflow, New Champ, 진돗개, Swings
20. Rimi/도망 (Run Away) Feat. Swings, B-Soap, 조현아
21. Issac Squab/Still Standing
22. 뱃사공/이게나야
23. Rhyme-A/W.W.W – World Wide Word Feat. Jolly. V
24. Garion/옛이야기
25. Seo Taiji&Boys/Come Back Home
26. Crucial Star/Own Way Feat. TakeOne, The Quiett, Zion.T
27. SLEEQ/거울 앞에 나
28. Jolly V/Moonlight Featt.화지
29. 야밤그루브/발길가는대로
30. Keebomb X Debi/Green
31. Legit Goons/L.E.G.I.T.
32. Snacky Chan/딸바보 (Dummy For My Daughter)  Feat. Tablo of Epik High 
34. nafla/Wu
35. Koonta & Nuoliunce/Holding On
36. Drunken Tiger/난 널 원해 (I Want You)
37. Jayho/I’m doin’ good Feat. Young Jay


Mixed by: DJ MojA

2010年新大久保BLUE K-POPイベントレギュラーDJや
2015年11月に渋谷でAll Genreイベントの開催が決定。

DJ MojA is based in Japan, known for throwing K-Pop/HipHop parties in Tokyo.

MojA started her music career as a rapper in 2003. Since 2005 she has started Djing at events in Tokyo/Yokohama area and built solid reputation as a club DJ, especially as K-Pop DJ since 2008. Follow her journey on:

MojA’s Blog
@MojA0208 on Twitter
@djmoja on MixCloud
kpopdjmoja on YouTube