WorldWide HipHop: IT Edition by Vaitea & Donna Sasà

Yes we are back on WorldWide HipHop exploration STRONGER! Here’s very special Italian HipHop mix by the team Top Banana, who’s behind the brilliant monthly party ‘No Diggity‘ – Vaitea & Donna Sasà!

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WorldWide HipHop : IT Mix by Vaitea & Donna Sasà by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud

1. Dj Gruff – Per 10 grammi in piú
2. Colle Der Fomento – Piú forte delle bombe
3. Neffa – Chicopisco
4. Sangue Misto – Lo straniero
5. Clementino – Toxico
6. La Famiglia – Prrrr
7. Turi – Capeesh
8. Moda Loda Broda – Addo’ stiv tu
9. Vaitea – I Am Hip Hop ( Lugi rmx)
10. Ensi – Freestyle Roulette Todo El Mundo
11. Kaos One feat. Moddi – Blah Blah
12. Salmo – Yoko Ono
13. Chief&Soci feat. Phase2 – Massacration
14. Fabri Fibra feat. Dj Mike – Scappa
15. Dj Gruff feat. Esa – E di certo
16. Joe Cassano – Dio Lodato
17. Inoki feat. Lil’ Dap & Tek Money – Bolo by night ( New Kingz rmx)
18. Dj Lugi feat. Mama Marjas – Soul Combination
19. Menhir – Traballande
20. Dj Gruff feat. Polda – Viene&Va (intro)

Born and raised in Shoreditch in June 2012, Top Banana was conceived by two cosmopolitan and
creative ladies, as an event promotion agency. Its founders are crowd-pleasers with a personality.

In the past 15 years, Vaitea and Donna Sasà, have been deeply involved in all aspects of Italian and French Hip Hop culture and have performed their arts throughout Europe. Now, with several international collaborations, their monthly gig NO DIGGITY and an upcoming radio show, these two ladies are slowly but surely conquering London’s heart.

Vaitea, the trilingual mc and vinyl dj and Donna Sasà, the skilled mixing deejay and expert graphic with a wonderful musical taste, share a common passion for Music, good ideas and dogs, and always have an eye on details in whatever they do.
This dynamic duo truly believes creativity to be mankind’s most interesting peculiarity. They were very happy to give a taste of some among their favourite Italian flavours. Yoroshiku!!!

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