WorldWide HipHop: FR Underground Mix by Dipiz

We are revisiting France for #WorldWide #HipHop exploration – but this time going deeper underground.

Much love and thanks for Dipiz on the mix continuously supporting our podcast project with passion (he is usual on our Yofukashi Radio shows with rare grooves). #Salute

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WorldWide HipHop: FR Underground Mix by Dipiz by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud


1. Underground – Lyrical kay prod by okazz (Broc) cuts by jumpoff (taken from Audio therapie)
2. Tolérance zéro – Ockney prod by Chilea’s (taken from Alter ego)
3. Fuck it – S.n.a prod by Nya (taken from R.e.k)
4. un sample a nos vie – Diem delam feat Malone prod by Dipiz (Broc) (taken from Rhymin ova’ Broc Beats)
5. c’est mon terrain – D.i.c.e prod by Dice (taken from Le son et les idées)
6. Illégal show – Illégal concept prod by Dj Excellence (taken from Paris sud connexion)
7. La horde de la Discorde – Acto ,Iboo Prod by Misery (previously unreleased)
8. Blackpheno 2.0 – Dandyguel Prod by Tismé (taken from retour authentik)
9. Faut qu’j’exteriorise – Broc versus Black 10’ Feat Aladoum & Savant des rimes cuts by Jumpoff Prod Okazz (Broc) (taken from Broc versus Black 10’)
10. Humanipulation – Human prod by Human (previously unreleased)
11. Esclavage Mental – Dipiz/Black 10’ /Lyrical Kay cut by dj Xzekut Prod by Dipiz (Broc) (taken from “Raw essence”)
12. U.F.O – Bab.k (taken from Street cdr 1)
13. La table des biens pensants – Diem Delam prod by Alexis Hountondji (taken from La suite Logique)
14. Je parle fort – Malone prod by Check Tijane (taken from Paris sud connexion)
15. Rap francais – Chil le primate cuts by Jumpoff Prod by dirty Def (taken from cercle polaire “saison morte”)
16. Ca r’commence – La Recette Prod by Manjdisk (previously unreleased)
17. Open Bar – Ockney & Jerrican (La Fabrik) Feat Flynt Prod by Yace
18. Knockoutro – Broc versus Black 10’ cuts By Jumpoff prod by dipiz (taken from Broc versus Black 10’)

Dipiz is a crate digger, Dj , beatmaker and record collector from france member of Broc and auld Alliance , Ceo Of Broc recordz. Auld alliance is the latest in a long line of collabo’s instigated by Dipiz, who spends what spare time he has crate-digging around Europe. Some previous collabo’s BROC have been involved with include Wildchild (Lootpack), Miriam Makeba, Black 10 and a host of other premier MC’s from Europe.