WorldWide HipHop: Arab Mix Pt.2 by Big Hass

This will be the final episode for this year’s WorldWide HipHop excursion and it’s part 2 of all-Arab HipHop mix by amazing Big Hass – enjoy and have a great holiday gangs!

“This is Part II & it just shows the diversity we have in Arabia when it comes to Hip-Hop, I only ask to look for these artists & if you enjoyed their tracks, follow them & support them. It has been an honor being part of this! 1 love. SALAM”

This mix was premiered at on 12th Dec 2014

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Arab Mix Pt.2 by Big Hass

Arab Mix Pt.2 by Big Hass

WorldWide HipHop: Arab Mix Pt.2 by Big Hass by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud


1. Sample Production – Sandhill [Iraq]
2. Haraga – The Narcicyst Feat Meryem Saci [Iraq/Algeria]
3.Taht Al Ard – Black Bannerz [Syria]
4. Fokkak – Arabian Knightz,Lana, Hossam L Hoss [Egypt]
Interlude – Muhammad Ali & Will Smith –
5. #Syria – Omar Offendum [Prod. Sami Matar]
6. Small Intestines – El Rass , Mumna Feat Boikutt [Lebanon,Syria,Palestine]
7. Yatim – Balti [Tunis]
8. Let Me Go – Moh Flow [Syria/Saudi]
9. Cairofonia – Sphinx Feat Qusai [Egypt/Saudi Arabia]
10 Patience Is a Virtue – MC Rakan , Al Farabi feat Moe Zein
11, Err’body – Deep Cipher [Armenia/Lebanon]
12. Gorilla Tactics – Run Junxion [Saudi Arabia]
13. I Dont Have Freedom – DAM [Palestine]
14. Bazam – MC Sam, Shadia Mansour, Rayess Bek
15. Masrah Deeb – Deeb [Egypt]
16. Qawaed Ishtibik – Ma Fi Hada Ndeef


Hassane Dennaoui (aka Big Hass) is a young Saudi citizen working in the media industry as a Regional Media Manager in a local digital media company – He is the founder of Re-Volt, an online radio blog, since October 2009. He recently launched Re-Volt Magazine (A Monthly Source of real hip hop culture) to expand his work even further & promote Hip-Hop & Arab Culture to the world.

Re-Volt came together as a result of numerous questions in mind about mainstream music, its effect on the youth and how it was lacking cause, awareness and intellect. The Internet being the strongest and main means of communication nowadays, a blog was an ideal vessel to transmit this ideology. His main emphasis was to follow/support the Arabic Hip Hop movement.

After much determination & hard work, he managed to launch Saudi’s First FM  Hip Hop Radio Show on newly opened local station (MIX-FM). The show “Laish Hip-Hop?” (meaning: “Why Hip-Hop?”) airs on a weekly basis & it showcases local & Arab Hip Hop artists that don’t usually get FM/TV exposure, it also focuses on Hip-Hop as a culture.

Check out his beautiful Re-Volt magazine online

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