#WorldWide Diggin’ Athletics Mix Pt. 2 by DJ Ness

‘Music is the news’ Bob Marley


Pt. 2 of WorldWide Diggin’ Athletics Mix DJ Ness was recorded in France, with love, to the world.


Premiered at nessradio.com on 20th Nov 2015.

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WorldWide Diggin Athletics Mix Pt 2 by DJ Ness Artwork

WorldWide Diggin’ Athletics Mix Pt. 2 by DJ Ness by 4649worldwide on Mixcloud


” The mix opens with a speech from Charles de Gaulle to pay tribute to the Deaths and relatives that lost lost their love ones.

With Colemine super funk Leroi Conroy and some tropical treats from Gaam and Analog Africa as well as two tracks from the amazing LP Youth Stand up ! A cultural UK and african community project from the Green Door studio in Glasgow.

Also features very rare Soukous track from Le canon du Zaire and underrated tune from Roberta Flack that should be sampled by all beat makers and that  inspired Nuyorican Soul duo, producers Little Louie Vega and Kenny « Dope » Gonzalez.

In those hard times I also wanted to play the special  Brian Eno-David Byrne’ Regiment’ track that was banned in Algeria and most muslim country when i was younger because it contained words from the Coran, my cousins when i was a teenager in Algeria where arrested by the police after playing it loud many times in Kouba headquarters next to a new mosque.”

David Byrne in 2006 for the re-issue of this album:
‘Way back when the record first came out, in 1981, it might have been ’82, we got a request from an Islamic organization in London, and they said, ‘We consider this blasphemy that you put grooves to the chanting of the Holy Book.’ And we thought, ‘Okay, in deference to somebody’s religion, we’ll take it off.’ You could probably argue for and against monkeying with something like that. But I think we were certainly feeling very cautious about this whole thing. We made a big effort to try and clear all the voices, and make sure everybody was okay with everything. Because we thought, ‘We’re going to get accused of all kinds of things, and so we want to cover our asses as best we can.’ So I think in that sense we reacted maybe with more caution than we had to. But that’s the way it was’



1) Charles de Gaulle ‘Message aux enfants de France’ 1979
2) Youth Stand Up ! ‘Laguada’ (Green door studio) 2015
3) Tall Black Guy ‘You Look Like a Tall Black Guy’ (First Word) 2013
4) Pete Rock ‘It’s so G’ Instrumental (Nature sounds) 2008
5) Tall Black Guy ‘The Dark Streets’ (First Word ) 2013
6) Roberta Flack ‘I can see the sun in late december’ (Atlantic) 1975
7) Leroi Conroy ‘La Gran Mesa'( Colemine) 2013
8) Kelenkye Band ‘Brotherhood of man’ (Superfly records) 2011
9) Solo Hit ‘Imoikeme’ (Analog Africa) Limited 300 copies only 2013
10)Le Canon du Zaire ‘Mansangara Nalinga’ (Disco Stock) 1983
11) Tropical Treats ‘Waarewaah’ (G.A.M.M) 2009
12 ) J Rocc ‘Party (Boogie Man Remix) Stone Throws 2010
13) Gerald Asttor & Hodini ‘walle’s super billige knasbull (Glen astro remix) Money sex records 2015
14) Maurice Louca ‘ Spinless’ (Nawa recordings) 2015 Egypt
15) Brian Eno-David Byrne’ Regiment’ (E.G Virgin) 1981
16) Youth Stand Up ! ‘Tsorina’ (Green door studio) 2015
17) Funkomunity ‘Sorceress’ (Melting Pot) 2012


The winers of this mix chosen by Ness are…
Youth Stand up !
and Maurice Louca
as well as Glenn Astro


With a long-standing career in the recording industry, DJ Ness has cultivated his talent making a name for himself in the Afro Beat community. Ness began his musical journey within the African diaspora while learning bass and playing percussion with renowned French musicians, which later lead him to enrol in the music program at Cambridge University. While at the University he had toured as keyboard player.

Ness’ passion for vinyl records with an Afro influence became more prevalent, and he started collecting music from the African Diaspora. Eager to listen, and study recordings linked to African Arabic culture, his collection increased dramatically. Purchasing new records had become more common for Ness, almost ritualistic.

Currently, DJ Ness continues to cultivate his first love, releasing and producing Afro vinyl recordings. Last year he released rare recordings of Big Youth, Spectacular for the War and Marcus Garvey EP. Additionally, his record label Get Up And Think, features Bob Marley & The Wailers as well as African singer Isdeen. His current mix, and a compilation CD titled “Soul Reggae Covers” is produced on Potatoes Records.

Connect him on:
SoundCloud @ness-errahmani
Facebook @Djnessafro