Spot the 4649: [Video] @DjSlademan presents – IT’S TIME ft. @therealreks @Phoenixicefire @braydz & @75emcee

It was a super hot and FUN summer day shooting video for this massive collaboration across the pond – shot by da don @GlobalFaction

DJ Slademan presents – It’s Time. Ft. Reks, Phoenix Da IceFire, Iron Braydz & Ms Cherokee

Shout to da family Phoenix Da Icefire, mighty Iron Braydz & beautiful Ms Cherokee repping us fully in the video.

Also muchlove to everyone who’s there incl Dj Slademan, BreddWinnaz, DJT_REX, BlackChronical, TheFremen and more – we truly appreciate the opportunity to be involved in this project 🙂

And here’s behind the scene clip shot by blessing@fwd360online – shout to Richard!

Peace, love, unity & having fun ✌ #4649ww