Snap the 4649: Luke x Avalon

Shot by: Luke Das Photography


Luke Das is a portrait and documentary photographer with a specialist interest in the performing arts. He takes quirky constructed shots mainly with dancers as his subject matter. We fell in love with his portfolio instantly and we are honoured to have him on board for our art project.

Check his work from below:

Luke Das photography (official site)

Luke Das photography (Facebook)

Modelled by: Avalon Rathgeb

Avalon Rathgeb is a tap dancer based in London, spreading love with her skill worldwide!

Follow & support this beautiful hard-working tap lady below: (official site)

Twitter @avalonrathgeb

Avalon on Facebook

instagram @avalonrathgeb


She’s also starring our video project ‘Soulja’s Story’ with beatboxer Tiny – check her mad skill below!