#BritishBuilt: SS17 Premium Collection


“British Built” is the first premium collection from the playful Japanese streetwear brand 4649 Yoroshiku.


This radical new range of comfortable streetwear is entirely designed and produced in the UK. A passionate and friendly family business knits and prints the premium cotton fabric in Leicester, and an independent manufacturer which has been operating in north London for 60 years stitches the garments. Yoroshiku chief designer Yumi closely oversees the whole creative process. Over the last year chief designer Yumi has travelled across the UK to select only the best materials and most skilful craftsmen, and to inspect every step of manufacturing. At last she’s ready to unveil her new range of beautiful, proudly British Yoroshiku kit.


4649 Yoroshiku clothes are carefully crafted for comfort as well as style. The world is a place of turmoil these days, and daily city life is stressful. Yoroshiku wear brings a little extra love and care. It’s designed to support you and bring out your best.


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This mix is full of gems from UK-built artists which supported our grind making this┬ácollection –┬ácheck the tracklist & download links here.

This mix was premiered at NessRadio.com on 25th April 2017.


Check the lookbook shot by Alfonso Gavilán modelled by our favourite Irish indie band The Notas here